“Chiropractic is a therapy that approaches the human body as an integral entity, tries to increase the general health of patients, to restore and support by remedying communication breakdowns in the nervous system by applying a dosed mechanical impulse.”


According to chiropractic, the nervous system must function accordingly; a breakdown in the function of the nervous system can cause physical complaints. These complaints can manifest in different ways, such as headache, low back pain and neck pain, but also high blood pressure, dizziness, obstipation issues, heart palpitations, tightness of the chest, cry-babies, etc. Chiropractic believes there is a direct connection of the condition of the nerve system and overall health. Therefore, the chiropractor will always try to find the problems that are causing the breakdowns in the nervous system.

Many different things can cause these problems; the complaints may have gone away for years, but can easily be triggered by one tiny error. Bad eating habits can also cause breakdowns in the human body. A disruption in the functioning of the nervous system is by chiropractors also known as a subluxation (blockage).

A well-functioning nervous system is vital to everyone, both young and old!


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