Our team has been ready to serve you since 1998. In the autumn of 2011 we have fully renovated the clinic. You will instantly feel comfortable in our warm and pleasant clinic.

The expertise of our chiropractors and competence of our assistants will provide you with a sense of comfort. We do not have waiting times because of our high standards in service.

Every three weeks, we organise open information meetings in our clinic during evening hours.

We also have a range of products available (e.g. glucosamine, fish oil, cooling gel, and reflex spray) to increase your health and reduce your pain.

Moreover, we have the newest state-of-the-art equipment for muscle testing (sEMG) and Lunar iDXA Total Bodyscan; a quick, safe and painless bodyscan that analyses your bone tissue and indicates your lean-to-fat ratio.


We do not have waiting times because of our high standards in service. Therefore, as a new patient you can always make a first appointment within two days.

  • Existing patients can always be admitted the same day;
  • Our strength lies in preventative care; most of our patients return regularly for maintenance check-ups to prevent recidivism (relapse);
  • Costs of adjustments are, depending on your health insurance, partially or fully covered;
  • sEMG and the Lunar iDXA Total Bodyscan;
  • Sale of products;
  • Massage tables;
  • Chiroclass;
  • Lectures on request (in the clinic or on-site);
  • Kids’ days;
  • Open house;
  • Information brochures;
  • Product choice counselling;
  • Sports and nutrition counselling;
  • Our furnishings are modern and ergonomically sound;
  • Easy to reach by public transport;
  • Private parking

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Chiropractor Stas

  • Experienced specialists you can trust
  • Wholly / partially reimbursed by insurance
  • No referral from your GP required
  • Within 2 days an appointment